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Christian Reproduction

Consider whether you are at a stage where you can take on a new role and bless someone with what Christ has blessed you.


Our verse for today comes from John 2:4, ” Jesus said to her, ‘Woman, what does this have to do with me? My hour is not yet come.’ “


It was only a few years ago that my baby girl was crawling around in diapers. But when she finally left the Huggies behind, it marked the end of a dozen or so consecutive years for her mom and me of changing dirty diapers. I couldn’t begin to guess how many thousands of diapers we went through, or how many tens of thousands of wipes (the greatest invention ever) we used. My dad is now knocking on 80 years old, and my wife’s mom is in her 70’s. Both of them have been active their entire lives. But recently, the steps have gotten a little slower and the energy levels have dipped. My mother-in-law still loves to work in the yard, but she can’t last as long as she used to, and she pays for it for days afterwards in her aches and pains. My dad suffers from an ear condition where elevated volumes are extremely painful to him, and occasionally he even gets nauseous and sick. There may come a time when the parent will once again become the child, and my wife and I will need to provide care for them in ways similar to how we were cared for many years ago. Such is the cycle of life, and tough as it is, it can be a good and sweet thing. But barring any sudden, tragic change, their days of independence are numbered, and a transition will one day occur.


Jesus was not on the doorsteps of needing assisted living arrangements, but He was making a transition in His life. No longer would He be the unknown carpenter from Nazareth. He had now entered the miracle business, and changing water into wine was the least of all that He would do. He was no longer simply Mary’s son, but He was about to make known His titles of Son of God and Son of Man. He had sat under Joseph, Mary, and the rabbis, but now He was to be Master, Savior, and Lord. You’ve probably learned from some good teachers and soaked up your share of scripture, and you’ve followed Jesus for some time. So when will you make the transition and reproduce in others what others have poured into you?


As we seek Him today, consider whether you are at a stage where you can take on a new role and bless someone with what Christ has blessed you.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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