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Cleaning Up Our House


Our verse for today comes from Proverbs 30:33, ” For as the pressing of milk makes butter, and pressing the nose brings forth blood, so the pressing of anger produces strife. “


I’m realizing more and more that much of the anguish and exasperation around our home comes as a result of a mess. Having six kids, my wife and I probably should have understood this inevitable dilemma long ago. And if that was the first thought in your head, I wouldn’t blame you one bit. We, my wife especially, spend a significant amount of time picking up things and putting things away and cleaning up behind someone. And with a large family, that doesn’t sound very unusual. But what we have failed to do is adequately train the kids in what is needed around the house and then require of them to carry it out. And one simple reason is that it is too often easier to do it ourselves. Or at least that’s what we think. We’d rather clean up the spill or wipe up the floor or clear off the counters because we know that we’ll do it the way we want it done. But because we struggle to relinquish these responsibilities, the slightest spill, and the repeated messes, both cause a frustration that is not on the same level as the offense. Rather than expecting amends from the child, we get aggravated that another thirty seconds of our life will be spent cleaning up something. And in the hopes of eliminating or minimizing these outbursts, there is unnecessary anxiety about what might happen and how careful everyone should be to avoid it. It’s never-ending, it’s exhausting, and it’s so unnecessary. But we think we can take care of it the best, so it is the path we take – again and again.


We have a Father in heaven who knows something about taking care of things the best way. But it can be a struggle for us to leave things in His hands, too. We want to prevent the problem, then we try to manage the problem, and ultimately we work to fix the problem. It’s never-ending, exhausting, and unnecessary. We’re sinners. We sin. Let’s not relish that fact, but let’s confess it to remind ourselves that God is our Savior, and He saves. He prevents, He manages, and He fixes. Let Him do that in your life, and I’ll let Him do it in my home.


As we seek Him today, give God one of your messes and ask Him to take care of it. Ask Him for the patience and grace to see all the way through to the end, and enjoy the peace that God has to offer.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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