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Cling to God For Victory


Our verse for today comes from John 12:41, ” These things Isaiah said when he saw His glory and spoke of Him. “


Mount Everest is the highest peak on earth. In fact, each year the mountain grows by about a quarter of an inch. The most recent GPS technology has measured its current height at 29,035 feet, or 8,848 meters high. For almost 100 years, people have attempted to reach the summit, in spite of temperatures approaching negative 80 degrees, in spite of winds blowing to 150 miles an hour, in spite of a lack of oxygen, any and all of which could bring about death.

Since the first failed attempt to climb Everest in 1921, 282 people have died either ascending or descending the mountain. There have, however, been 7,646 successful climbs to the peak.

In 1996, while several teams were making the month-long journey through the snow, one team met with difficulty and was fortunate enough to receive aid from other climbers. Eventually, they were able to resume their climb and ultimately made it to the top. However, as they departed the final camp just 1,000 feet from the summit, another team was in trouble and needed assistance. Upon their return to camp, they said that they had seen the others, but had not helped them. ” No, we didn’t give them any water. We didn’t talk to them. We were too tired to help. Above 8,000 meters is not a place where people can afford morality. “


When you reach your 8,000 meter mark, a decision will await you. You may have encountered versions of it at lower elevations, during calmer conditions. You may have chosen well, or you may have stumbled already. But when you reach that place where no one can afford morality, where you seemingly have no choice, what will you choose? Too often we choose death in the smallest of ways, well below the critical height of extreme pressure. At our initial challenge, we prove too weak and too self-reliant. But things can be different. Clinging to God and His glory can give us victory in the face of certain defeat, no matter the challenge, no matter the circumstances.


As we seek Him today, don’t let your circumstances determine your reactions. Respond with the glory of God in your view.

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