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Confront Your Doubt


Our verse for today comes from John 16:31, “Jesus answered them, ‘Do you now believe?’”


“Are you sure?” Few other words can strike doubt into our hearts as effectively as these. The least little bit of uncertainty seems to feed off of this question, such that even the most confident of individuals can be tempted into second guessing themselves. Certain game shows incorporate this technique into many of their contests, leading the contestant to wonder whether they really knew or wanted what they had said. When presented with the opportunity to change their selection, coupled with hundreds of people screaming their advice at them from the audience, suddenly choosing at random one of three unmarked doors can become intensely stressful. You may have experienced that same anxiety while taking an oral test. Even the surest of answers can begin to sound questionable when the examiner offers you the chance to reconsider. So many of us just seem to suffer from a certain amount of insecurity when it comes to committing unreservedly to a decision, especially in the face of another’s potential doubt.


When Jesus questioned the disciples’ level of certainty, He didn’t give them a chance to reaffirm or change their mind. He simply told them that they weren’t all that they thought they were. Things were about to get tough, and their faith was going to suffer. That happens, doesn’t it? And it’s not just the serious medical issues that can affect us. Daily tasks or special projects can loom large and cause us to doubt the sovereign grace and provision of God. Anxiety, nerves, and the frustration of repeated disappointment tempt us to forget what we are sure of and consider a lesser alternative. But circumstances should never affect the truth. Your heavenly Father loves you and sustains you, and nothing should cause you to doubt that. So when your heart is hearing “Are you sure?”, answer with a resounding “Yes.” Keep believing and trusting that His mighty right hand will carry you through.


As we seek Him today, confront your doubt with the certainty of the grace and mercy of God. Ask Him for more, and go forth with certainty.

Rich Holt / Originally Published on : BCWorldview.org

Also published on : Medium.com.


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