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Consider the People that Casually Pass By

Take some time with your Father and receive what He has for you. Then go and have an effect on everyone you pass by.


Our verse for today comes from Acts 5:15, ” As a result, people brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and mats so that at least Peter’s shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by. “


As I was sitting at a red light in the left turn lane, I noticed that my car and I would sort of wobble back and forth every few seconds. Sometimes the motion was slight, but other times the movement was fairly intense. But there were no earthquakes or tremors, and the winds weren’t whipping up severely. The disturbance was being caused by the cars that were racing up and down the lanes beside me. Their speed and size were creating enough force to have a significant effect on my several thousand-pound car. But the wobble only lasted for a moment. Even when an eighteen-wheeler flew by, my car jostled back and forth more, but it was over right after it began. Today, you’ll probably sit at a red light and feel the effects of the cars passing by. And you will also probably zip past a stopped car and give it a shake.


And on a personal level, you will walk past scores of people throughout the day, thinking nothing about that brief encounter when the two of you will pass. And of those, there will be some that you might stop and engage for a bit, and some even longer. But will you think about the effect you will have on them? Will you be aware that you are shaping their day, their life, but what you are or are not pouring into them? The sad part of these passing moments is that we too often encounter our Savior in this way. We zip past Him in a hurry, hoping to soak up all we can on our way to our next endeavor. But the effects of these brief unions last just about as long as the wobble in my car. The shaping and nurturing that our Father wants to do with us isn’t designed for today’s sound bite world, where our attention is pulled away every few minutes. His method of abiding in His presence and meditating on what He has said clashes with our need to do so much and be so many places. We’ll have a few minutes with a bunch of people today, but what will we be able to leave them that has significance? What will you have received from Him that He wants you to give to another?


As we seek Him today, take some time with your Father and receive what He has for you. Then go and have an effect on everyone you pass by.

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