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Trust His Perfect Timing


Our verse for today comes from Matthew 27:43, ” He trusted in God; let Him deliver Him now if He will have Him; for He said, ‘I am the Son of God.’ “


Timing is everything, no? You hear it from people in all stations of life, of all positions in society, in every level of success or failure. A moment here or there can make a huge difference, while days, weeks, or even longer may alter the course of events in other situations. Actions at a certain time may bring about regret or failure for some, while others in the same boat may reap success and reward. Your time may not be my time. The right time for one may be the wrong time for another. In times of duress or anxiety, we tend to prefer now rather than later. We want relief or resolution to come as soon as possible. And the more I think about it, time and trust seem to have a special relationship. Their bond seems to have been woven together sometime in eternity past. Frequently, trust would have us act immediately. Other times, that same trust would have us wait. The apparent randomness or inconsistency has a way of preventing us from placing our trust in any certain formula that would garner our hopes.


Jesus Himself was consistent in His inconsistency. Sometimes He healed immediately, other times He required further actions be taken. For some He staved off death just in time, but for others His arrival was seemingly too late. On the cross, He heard many things. Most of it was mocking from the cowards who bravely taunted a beaten man nailed to a cross. But He also heard the whispers of time. It called to Him through those who urged Him to come down from the cross and declare who He was. It called to Him through the searing pain of the nail holes and the spear stab to heal Himself and feel relief. It called to Him through the bogus crown of thorns that rested where His true crown should have been to restore His kingdom now. The battle was between the now and the later. Now would have been sweet. Now would have accomplished a lot. But now required no trust. Not this time. A victory was coming that would accomplish it all. But the timing had to be perfect.


As we seek Him today, let God lead you to trust in His perfect timing. Act exactly when he wants you to, and not a moment sooner or later.

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