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Count Your Blessings


Our verse for today comes from John 6:9, ” There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish, but what are they among so many? “


I’ve lost count, not that I was ever really keeping count. But graciously limiting myself to just one mess up per day, since I’ve been married about 8,000 days, I’d have to make last night’s bungle at least number 7,999. For dinner, we needed some supplies from the grocery store, and I had texted my wife a list of things to get for me to cook. Somehow, as so many communications between the sexes can be, my instructions were misunderstood, and one item on the list was overlooked. And when I got home, checking the refrigerator only confirmed that we didn’t have all that I wanted to have. Mind you, we still had eggs, sausage, ham, bread, bagels, waffles, syrup, orange juice, fresh tomatoes, and one pack of danish for our breakfast for dinner. But I wanted to focus on having only one pack of danish instead of two. That to me seemed to be the item that needed to be beat to death at that particular moment. Eventually, I did move on after I had sufficiently expressed my frustration with this catastrophe. And as is usually the case, the meal was wonderful and there was plenty left over. I’m not sure when during my episodes that my wife begins to think, ” Ok, he’s going to be apologizing to me for this one, ” but I’m sure she’s got me pegged pretty good.


Andrew’s offer of the boy’s loaves and fish, and Philip’s accounting of the money prior to that, highlight what’s missing from what they already have. It’s me saying I know there’s all this food here, but where are the danish? Jesus wouldn’t have asked about feeding the masses if He didn’t intend to get it done. He just wanted someone to remember the wedding at Cana. He wanted someone to believe His words that He was equal with God. He wanted someone to remember the lame man He healed who hadn’t walked in thirty-eight years. Two hundred denarii could feed the world as easily as five loaves of bread and two fish could feed the thousands. Whatever there is for you is enough. It’s just got to go from your hands to His.


As we seek Him today, focus more on what you have than on what you don’t have. Then expect God to take care of whatever else might be needed.

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