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Current Polling Results Show Consistency

The level of trust Americans have in the media and its honest coverage of the news remains low. According to a Gallup poll released in mid-October, only 34% of Americans believe the mass media report the news “fully, accurately and fairly”. 

It was from that perspective I choose to spend time researching the latest polling on the opinions of Americans regarding what are the most important issues as we approach the mid-term elections. Polls can vary widely based on the format of the poll, the way questions are phrased, and the political and demographic mix of who is being asked. 

The consistency in results I found was surprisingly encouraging.

 CNN This Morning

11/1/22… A new poll was displayed Wednesday morning on the program.:

What is the most important issue in the congressional vote among likely voters?

  • Economy/Inflation 51%
  • Abortion 15%
  • Voting/Elections 9%
  • Gun Policy 7%
  • Immigration 6%
  • Climate Change 4%
  • Crime 3%

ABC News / IPSOS Poll

10/30/22… What is the single most important issue in voting for Congress this November?

  • The Economy 28%
  • Inflation 22%
  • Abortion 16%

Gallup Research

10/31/22… How important will each of the following be to your vote for Congress this year? Results combine “Extremely Important” and “Very Important”.

  • The Economy 85%
  • Crime 71%
  • Gun Policy 67%
  • Abortion 66%
  • Immigration 63%
  • Relations with Russia 62%
  • Climate Change 45%

How does this relate to a Biblical Christian Worldview?

It only matters as we all try to understand the direction and tenor of the country God has put us in. The results have obvious implications as the “economy” remains of great concern to all Americans. Note however that “crime”, was second in Gallup, at the bottom of CNN, and missing in the ABC News poll as a major concern. Additionally, nearly half of respondents to Gallup saw “Climate Change” as either extremely or very important, yet, when forced to state it as the “most important issue” in the CNN poll, only 3% expressed that opinion. What was strikingly missing from the long list on two of the polls was any version of gender identity. Finally, “abortion” not surprisingly remains a fracturing point in this country.

As you care for people in your sphere of influence, building relationships in the hopes of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, keep in mind that the actual issues of concern each has in dealing with life are unique to their own experiences.

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