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Dead Men Walking

As Christians, we are dead to this world.

Let’s start by understanding a profound truth: we are all dead men walking. As believers in Christ, we are a new creation, dead to this world and alive to Him. This understanding is not just a theological concept, but a crucial reality for our spiritual war. To illustrate this, let’s consider the following clip.

Lt. Spiers scene from Band of Brothers

Lt. Spiers had a different reason for his words to Private Blythe: hopelessness. But for us, as believers, this is not a state of despair but a call to live as if we are already dead. This is because hopelessness is a condition that applies to those who are still bound to this world. However, if the transformative power of Christ has redeemed you, you are no longer of this world but of His, and hopelessness has no power over you. So, let go of the hope that this world can fulfill you.

Consider the sermon by Kris Vallotton in his book Spirit Wars. He beautifully articulates the concept of our death to this world. If we are truly dead to this world and alive to the promises Jesus gave us, how should we live? How should we fight the war against evil? Fear should find no place in our lives, as it has no power over us except what we give it. If we believe the lies, we allow fear to take root in our hearts.

When you were baptized, you became an entirely new species of human. Your body may fail you, and we are subject to all the same crud—day in and day out—as anyone else. However, we are dead to this world, as our lives are seated in Heaven. And, yes, it’s a matter of perspective. (In some ways, we are the original “Dead Men Walking.”) But that unique perspective is what keeps me “Daring Great Things.”

I dare, understanding that my reward is just on the other side of eternity. What can they do? Kill me?

I love my kids and absolutely adore my new grandchildren. But my tribe is waiting. All the Hastings who came before me and are before the throne are watching me, cheering me, and the other Hastings are still here to attempt great things!

Becoming World Changers.

I have always wondered how the disciples went from fearful men, cowering in their homes from the Romans, to world changers. But now I understand. Their perspective was from Heaven to Earth. They were convinced that that perspective was the true reality of their lives, and that they were already there in Heaven. They were Dead Men Walking! They had nothing to lose and everything to gain!

So, how should this motivate us? Here is a thought that came to me today about this subject. I was thinking about my being a world changer. How, this idea of being a dead man walking with my citizenship in Heaven should be motivation enough to do great things for my Lord. I was reminded of Joshua before he led the Israelites across the Jordan to take their inheritance. 

Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; odo not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

If I look at how the Israelites struggled to obey God and trust Him for the blessing of the land and ended up wandering in the desert for another forty years, I realize that there is an implicit challenge associated with being the New Creation—one that doesn’t affect our citizenship, but our rewards.

Trusting His Leading.

We are the Bride of Christ. Our position in the kingdom of Jesus Christ is different than Joshua’s. We are filled with the Third Person of the Trinity. And we have been given His authority to enforce His Will and Kingdom while we are here. So, have you ever experienced having to re-learn a lesson you thought you had already defeated? A layer of the onion you thought was already peeled? An experience I have heard labeled as going around the mountain again. Is there something the Lord was challenging you to conquer, but life got in the way?

We don’t need to worry or believe we are facing these challenges alone. He is right there beside you, ready to help. If He challenges you to step out in faith toward something that looks impossible, that means He knows your success is right around the corner. The key—I have found–is trust. Do you trust His leading? The more you trust, the closer you come to a profoundly intimate walk with Him, and a better grasp of your place in His Kingdom.

Plus, after a lifetime of challenges, we learn to recognize His challenges quicker, and joyfully step into that place of willing cooperation. The more we cooperate, the quicker the blessing of the lesson is evident in our lives. 

The key to understanding this principle lies in the truth of our identity as the New Creation. Our lives are sealed in Heaven. We are already dead to this world. Move out!


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