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Deadly Bible Study, FBI, China, Palm Scan, AI, Va Libraries, More…

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that impact a Biblical Christian worldview.

“Man Allegedly Pulled Out Knife, Stabbed Wife To Death During Weekly Bible Study”…

“At a weekly St. Paul, Minnesota session, 40-year-old Robert Castillo allegedly fatally stabbed his wife Corinna Woodhull with a knife while the couple was sitting together at a weekly Christian Bible study, KMOV 4 r

While witness accounts conveyed that the married couple seemed to be “getting along” just fine the day of the alleged murder, the couple had been conflicted in the past.

Daily Caller

“Virginia School District to Remove 14 Sexually Explicit Books from School Libraries”…

“On Wednesday, Spotsylvania County Public Schools (SCPS) in Fredericksburg, Va. announced that it would be removing 14 books that “contain sexually explicit content and themes that are inappropriate for young persons” from the school district’s libraries. With the move, SCPS joins a growing list of school districts around the country that have opted to remove school library books that contain graphic sexual content amid a growing movement of parents decrying the availability of “pornographic” books to minors.

Washington Stand

“Has the FBI Been ‘Weaponized’ by Politics?”…

“Although half of voters still have a favorable opinion of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most agree with a whistleblower’s description of the agency as having been “politically weaponized” by its leadership.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 50% of Likely U.S. voters have a favorable impression of the FBI, including 22% who have a Very Favorable view of the bureau. Forty-five percent (45%) now view the FBI unfavorably, including 24% who have a Very Unfavorable impression of the bureau. These findings are nearly unchanged since October 2022.  (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Rasmussen Reports

“‘I’ve never seen anything like this:’ One of China’s most popular apps has the ability to spy on its users, say experts”…

“It is one of China’s most popular shopping apps, selling clothing, groceries and just about everything else under the sun to more than 750 million users a month.

But according to cybersecurity researchers, it can also bypass users’ cell phone security to monitor activities on other apps, check notifications, read private messages and change settings.

And once installed, it’s tough to remove.

CNN News

“A palm scan to buy food and the “Promethean moment” now upon us”…

“If you could order and pay for food with your palm, would you do it? Panera Bread café is hoping you’ll say yes to palm scanning, but first you should know the conditions: you’ll obtain a MyPanera membership, then link it to an Amazon One account that will use your palm scan as payment. The company will then know your name and your favorite orders at checkout.

What if advances like Panera’s palm-scanning technology were to be used for more than purchasing a meal? What if digital technology were to be employed to monitor everything we do and then to punish those who act in ways the monitors disfavor?

This is happening today.

The Denison Forum

“Catholic Pelosi advises Americans to set aside religious values in the voting booth”…

“While quick to fall back on her Roman Catholic faith when it’s politically expedient, U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi advised Americans to set aside their religious values when voting and go with how issues may affect their lives.

In a clear sign of how far the mighty have fallen, the former House speaker appeared on Joy Reid’s lowly rated MSNBC show best known for driving racial discord, and was set up nicely by the gushing Democratic operative posing as a network talking head — the choreography going seamlessly as if practiced.

Business & Politics

“‘Doomsday Clock’ Ticks: Elon Musk, Experts Warn of ‘Catastrophic Scenario’, Suggest a ‘Pause’ of A.I.”…

“The startling pace at which artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are growing is sparking alarm, discontent, and concern among analysts, with some of Silicon Valley’s most prominent names rising up to call for a pause before such advances propagate severe societal damage.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has joined Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and countless other prominent names to sign an open letter from the Future of Life Institute calling on AI companies to “pause giant AI experiments” and create safety protocols.

CBN News

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