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Despicable, Evil, Christian, Loon

I came across a response from last year that demonstrates some of the folks on Medium that comment on my posts. It should be noted that his comments were subsequently deleted though I am not sure if the author deleted it or Medium. It does offer an example of where we sometimes start from, first attempting to defuse frustration, before a “conversation” can begin.

“The more I see of your comments, Jeff, the more I see what a thoroughly despicable, evil, conservative Christian loon you are.”

He continues… “You’re obnoxious points of views are exactly why so many people hate. They see what a despicable monster you are, and they want nothing to do with anyone of your ilk. You are every bit the knuckle-dragging monster as the person [blocked out] was writing about. Your version of Christianity is pure sexism, pure obnoxiousness, pure evil. Why are people leaving Christianity in droves? Because of scum like you”

This is not the worst comment I have received, now pushing 900 since September. However, it is in the top 5%. it came as a response to a post entitled, “Beyond Twisting Scripture“, where I was responding to an atheist regarding his poor exegesis of passages on the Scriptural validation of women preachers. In my view, the post was much more a technical piece on twisting scripture rather than a confrontation of women in the pulpit. Anyway, if you skim some of my posts below (especially “Part 1…” you will get a better understanding of the darkness on a blog site that receives over 60 million monthly readers.

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Separating Christ from Christianity

As I have offered many times, our God calls us to respond with grace and love to those who have a different worldview. Jesus indeed turned over the tables of the temple money changers from a position of righteous indignation. However, in balancing the whole of Scripture, 1 Cor. 13 and Luke 10:27 represent the larger position we should take as Biblical Christians desiring to do the will of the Father from Matt. 28:16-20 and 1 Cor. 9:22. Responding with venom blocks any conversation and adds to the destruction of the reputation of Christians.

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