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Disney, Nigeria, California Drag, Boston Transgender, Graham on DeSantis, More…

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that impact a Biblical Christian worldview.

“Disney sponsored an LGBTQ event in Paris that featured a transgender prostitute”…

“Disney France was a corporate sponsor of pride event in Paris in which a transgender prostitute reportedly filmed sexually provocative videos in the restrooms of the City Hall.

The event, La Nuit des Fiertés, was put together by MAG Jeunes LGBT+, which caters to LGBTQ people ages 15 and 30.

According to the event’s website, the cosmetic giant Sephora and Nyx, a cosmetics company owned by L’Oreal, were also sponsors of the event, which also featured drag shows.

The transgender prostitute reportedly goes by “Icy Diamond” and was an invited guest.

The prostitute allegedly tweeted a video in which the prostitute offered sexual favors in the bathroom of the City Hall.”

Just the News

“Biden Turning His Back on Christian Bloodshed in Nigeria: Report”…

“Nigeria has become a hotbed of mistreatment and extermination of religious minorities, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins warned on Tuesday. “Observers of the situation in Nigeria have noted how northern Nigeria has become a frontier for Islamic extremist groups, warlords and violence under the watch of the country’s outgoing president, Muhammadu Buhari,” Perkins said on “Washington Watch.”  

As an example, Perkins noted the murder of a village pastor’s son and the kidnapping of his wife and three others in Nigeria’s Kaduna State last week. Attacks on Christ-followers continue to rise in the central African nation and yet the U.S. State Department opted to not label Nigeria as a major perpetrator of persecution.”

Washington Stand

“California English teacher claims exposing kids to drag no different than teaching Shakespeare”…

“A California English high school teacher – whose classroom sexually explicit materialspreviously led to a district-wide investigation – said that there was no difference between teaching kids Shakespeare plays and introducing them to drag, Fox News Digital is first reporting. 

The English teacher works at San Juan Hills High in the Capistrano School District. The teacher is known as “Flint” and was identified on the school’s website with the name Danielle Serio. 

On March 7, Flint said, “The same people who usually scream themselves purple about keeping queerness out of the classroom and the inherent harmful nature of drag are usually the first to tell me that I should stick to teaching the classics in my own English class like Shakespeare. So let’s check. Of his almost 40 surviving plays, one in five have drag as central to the plot,” she said. “It’s almost like these people might not be the best stewards of education.”

Fox Newspapers

“Boston School Distributes Explicit Survey on Oral Sex, Transgenderism to Middle-Schoolers”…

“A Boston public school elicited outrage among parents this week when it presented pre-teen students with an explicit survey asking them about their sexual history, including whether they’ve performed oral sex.

The principal of Eliot K-8 Innovation School in a Thursday letter to parents acknowledged the “many concerns” over the survey, which was administered on Wednesday to some sixth- and seventh-graders.

copy of the survey shows it inquired about the pre-teens’ risk behavior, with several questions asking about their sexual history. “Have you ever participated in oral sex?” one question asked. “Oral sex is when a person puts their mouth on another person’s genitals or private area,” the survey explained.”

Free Beacon

“Franklin Graham Praises DeSantis for Drag Show Kid Crackdown: ‘Doesn’t Mess Around'”…

“Evangelist Franklin Graham recently praised Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for taking a tough stand against children exposed to drag queen events.

“Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t mess around,” Graham wrote last week on his Facebook page.” He’s revoking the liquor license of a major Miami hotel because they hosted a drag queen show with children present, even after being warned.”

The evangelist, who heads the Christian relief organization Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, noted what DeSantis’ office said about such events.”

CBN News

“Within Minutes Of Biden’s First Presidential Veto, The House Has Struck Back”…

“House Republicans will fight President Joe Biden’s veto of a bill that would wipe away a rule encouraging investment managers for retirement plans to make environmental, social and governance factors a consideration in investment decisions.

The rule developed by the Department of Labor encourages managers who oversee private retirement plans to consider how companies deal with climate change and other issues in making investments. The rule frees those managers from only focusing on the bottom line, according to Fox News.”


“USA Today gives ‘Woman of the Year’ honor to transgender state lawmaker”…

“USA Today honored a transgender lawmaker from Minnesota on its annual “Women of the Year” list.

Democratic State Rep. Leigh Finke is the first openly transgender person to be elected to and serve in the Minnesota legislature. Finke was named “Woman of the Year” for Minnesota despite serving in office for less than three months.

The “Outnumbered” panel discussed the decision Tuesday, arguing that politics has now become more important for these media awards, rather than an individual’s achievements. 

“What will ever be left for biological females? … Michelle Obama is also on the list,” McEnany told panelists Tuesday. “What does it take for a conservative woman to get on a list like this?”

Fox News

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