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Divine Interruptions in Life

An Oversimplified Dramatization of God’s Involvement in Life.

July 2nd, 2020 George Floyd police brutality protests — Portland Oregon.

Two lines face each other — anarchists and policemen — under the blinding light of floodlights and bonfires. Teargas floats through the night mingling with the smell of smoke, sweat, and fear. These protests, demonstrations, and riots have been going on since May. The downtown area businesses were catastrophically losing business and their storefronts. There seemed to be no end in sight.

Two blocks away; in the belly of an abandoned building, a husband and wife lie face down on camping mats on a moldy peeling linoleum floor crying out to Almighty God to intervene. The only other objects in the room are a small portable TV, an ice chest, and a couple of laptops. 

They have been here for over a month.

Midnight approaches and a surreal hush falls on the battle line, as a wind begins to blow. Both sides of the line, rioters, Sherrif’s deputies, DHS officers, and first responders, stop as silence settles on the Courthouse and the street. The wind blows softly, carrying away the smoke and the tear gas. Then it begins to snow, increasing the effect of the silence softly imposing its presence. The wind begins to strengthen, picking up trash and sweeping it down the ruined street, getting caught in the chain-link fences surrounding the federal courthouse.

The hush takes the form of a song riding on the wind that grows stronger and stronger, and the snow increases to a blizzard. The battle is forgotten as both sides on the battle line realize something different; something important is happening. 

Within minutes, every person on the street is leaning desperately into the near hurricane-force wind, holding onto each other or anything bolted to, or growing, from the ground. The song continues to grow in volume as the wind grows in strength. No one is dressed to withstand the cold or the wind. But, there’s nowhere to go and the cold and wind chill is beginning to create panic in the rioters and the police. The demonstration has been forgotten and has become a desperate search for shelter.

Then the night disappears with a brilliant light, brighter than the sun at midday, and a figure descends from the snow clouds between the two groups of combatants…he is difficult to see within the brightness of the light.

He is a magnificent creature, wings extended, and as he descends, the wind begins to soften, but the song rises to a thunderous crescendo as a heavenly choir’s music becomes as powerful as the cold.

The angel raises his hands.

Everyone falls to their faces as they are confronted with the glorious potential of their enemies. Their eyes are opened and they see what Jesus sees the true potential of each soul there on that now silent street. The love of Jesus quietly floods every heart as the manifest presence of the Holiness of God descends on the street.

And, the weeping begins…

Salvation – Eternal Life in Less Than 150 Words

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AuthorDerek Hastings | BCWorldview.org 


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