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Do Not be Disappointed in Christ


Our verse for today comes from Luke 2:45, ” So when they did not find Him, they returned to Jerusalem, seeking Him. “


You’ve undoubtedly seen at least one episode of one of the crime shows on television where a central component to the main events was how a certain person behaved completely out of character. Mystery movies and novels alike can hinge on a single unexpected twist in a central figure’s behavior so much so that the key to solving the puzzle is to figure out why the person did what he did. Even with the rearing of our children, the greatest intrigue at our house usually falls on the heels of one of our kids doing something completely unlike anything they’ve done in the past. At least, that’s what it feels like. I think the reality is that the unusual behavior is more prevalent than we realize, but it sticks out so when the consequences don’t turn out too good. So when any of us thinks that our kid has been invaded by aliens and is behaving a certain way for the very first time, closer examination would probably reveal that they’ve wandered down this path to some extent before.


But not so in this case with Jesus and His parents. When they couldn’t find Him on their way home from Jerusalem, they probably wondered what had gotten into Him, why was He not where He was supposed to be like He always was in the past. And they wouldn’t have been exaggerating. Jesus would have always been where He should have. He would never have misbehaved. He would never have disappointed. But this time, He didn’t do what they thought He would. And He probably won’t in your life, too. He’ll likely keep you in a fog, or wait forever to answer your request, or stand back as your give in to anger or pride. At least that what it will feel like. And when it does, what then? Will you still seek Him? Will you desire the relationship with Him enough to seek out and listen to His instruction or correction? Or will you come to Him feeling put out, expecting an explanation or an apology? Having expectations comes with being close to someone. But it’s the unexpected that grows the relationship. Will you grow closer to Jesus today?


As we seek Him today, confess your expectations and assumptions that have led you to be disappointed in Christ. Ask Him to draw you closer to Himself, not to what you expect of Him.

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