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Do Not Limit God

Let God be God in the ways that He chooses. Do not limit Him by dismissing what might be intended for you.


Our verse for today comes from John 2:18, ” So the Jews said to Him, ‘What sign do you show us for doing these things?’ “


On The Andy Griffith Show, we all know Deputy Barney Fife for what he is, a good-natured, big-talking, law-enforcing public servant whose skills as a deputy don’t quite measure up to the bravado and pomposity with which he touts himself. In one episode, appropriately titled Lawman Barney, two roadside peddlers have set up shop at the edge of town without permission or permit. Barney happens upon them and, in true Barney ways, overreacts in his insistence that they mind his orders to pack up and move along. Flustered and frightened as they refuse his commands, Barney scurries back to his squad car and returns to the Sheriff’s office a defeated man. Later, Andy encounters the men and politely yet authoritatively convinces them to move along. But when the previous encounter with Barney is mentioned, Andy realizes that they scared him away, shamed and belittled, and so Andy makes up a tale about how that was all part of Barney’s act, and if he returns, he’ll mean business. Barney does return, and the men flee in fear. But later in town, they learn they were duped, and so they send word to Barney that they are back in business and waiting for him. Finally, mustering the courage, Barney confronts the men one final time. But as they attempt to intimidate him, Barney speaks up and explains the authority of the badge he is wearing. It represented much more than one deputy, and it was that authority that Barney was calling on to enforce the law.


Most times, we can admit it when we are in the wrong. But when another points it out to us, certain criteria matter, namely, who is the one calling us out. It’s one thing for a mom to do the correcting. But if a sibling speaks out? Heaven help them. We could probably accept correction and discipline from our pastor, difficult as it might be. But let another church member confront us, and what’s our response? Most likely, the condition of your heart will determine it. So, what requirements do you put on the truth that you hear?


As we seek Him today, let God be God in the ways that He chooses. Do not limit Him by dismissing what might be intended for you.

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