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Do the Phillip Shuffle!

Gaza to Azotus (Ashdod) at the speed of thought!

Yesterday, a good friend came back from ministering all around the world. He logged so many air miles that he commented that he prayed that God would transport him the next time he had to travel. The conversation was on Facebook and several people, including myself, chimed in. I had said, “We need to build a Holy Transporter Room!” So he said, “Build it!”

Since I came to Christ in 1979, I have believed what Jesus said, 

John 14:12“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father.” 

At some point, I knew I would be healing the sick and the blind, casting out demons, and prophesying. The idea of doing what I jokingly call the Philip Shuffle is something I am serious about.

So, can I build a Holy Transporter Room? I doubt it. Mainly because it doesn’t work that way. 

I find it extremely interesting to read about the current experiments being done around the world today with quantum physics and how they have successfully “transported” a few molecules or atoms from one site to another. So, theoretically, science is pursuing one of the more fantastic ideas from Star Trek. Every one of those articles ends up discussing how much more work and much longer it will take to get this technology to the point where you could send a watermelon from New York to San Francisco. Let alone a man from point A to point B. 

The consequences of a failed Transport remind me of the old 1950’s movie “The Fly”. I don’t think I will ever forget the end of the movie when the fly with the man’s head is trapped in the web, and you hear this little voice crying out, “Help me, Help me”! Science better get it right, or you can let your imagination go on that one!

But God doesn’t need a room to transport. That much is evident from reading the story about Philip and the Eunuch. Philip is told by an angel to go to the road in Gaza, where he meets the Ethiopian Eunuch. He answers the man’s questions, baptizes him, and then Zip, Zam, and Zowie, Philip is transported to Azotus. It seems to me that God has already solved the problem of instantaneous travel.

Zip, Zam, Zowie!

As someone who didn’t grow up in the Church and was raised on copious quantities of science fiction, the parts of the Bible that tended to excite me the most were the parts where God shows off. Creation, Noah, Moses and the Red Sea, Joshua and the stopping of time, the Prophets, Jesus walking on water, walking through walls, instantly appearing to believers many miles apart, and Philip and the Eunuch. The healing miracles are fantastic, also. As well as the environmental miracles like calming the sea and cursing the fig tree. All these supernatural events are implied as our heritage by John 14:12. That was extremely exciting to me as a new believer. I really could not wait to get started.

As time went by, however, those things became less important than my relationship with Him. What was — and still is — naturally supernatural to me was waking in the morning, talking to Him, and hearing Him respond! It became more important to me to have that closeness, the assurance that He was there every moment of every day, waiting to talk to me.

So, how does that relate to the Philip Shuffle? How would one go about building a Holy Transporter Room? I would have to answer that question with another one. This is a question Father would ask you if you asked Him about a Holy Transporter Room.

“Are you willing to go to where I want to transport you?”

It’s His transporter room. I am sure there will be a day when we will all cram ourselves into the HTR (Holy Transporter Room . . . I got tired of typing it) with our Father, and all of us do the Philip Shuffle to go on a celestial picnic to Alpha Centauri (or some such place). But, for now, the HTR is reserved for Kingdom use only. Could The Father use it to transport you somewhere fun? Sure! Have we all heard stories of people appearing in places to pray over someone and then just disappearing? Yep. So, the HTR is real. It’s just not like you see it in Star Trek. God’s HTR is faster, quieter, and uses far less energy than a Federation Starship.

I would love to do the Philip Shuffle every day. So much less hassle — especially on trips to L.A. — and at today’s gas prices, much less expensive. But, today, the HTR is reserved for those who are sold out and prepared to talk to a Eunuch, a member of the Taliban who has been seeing Jesus in his dreams, or a cartel member facing death. Are we willing to be caught up in the middle of our day and injected into a situation where someone needs what we know? Are you that person that Father God can trust to transport?

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