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Do What You Say, and Say What You Do

Look to see if there is a breakdown between what you're saying and what you're doing, and ask God to help you make the two one again.


Our verse for today comes from Mark 14:45, ” And when he came, he went up to Him at once and said, ‘Rabbi!’ And he kissed Him. “


Do as I say, not as I do. Just hearing that phrase can bring back vivid memories for many of us. For one, there’s a good chance that we heard it, or something very much like it, from our parents when we were growing up. But unfortunately, the more upsetting truth is that we have more than likely said something to that effect to our own kids. It might be how we explain away a bad habit, one that we developed long before we had families of our own to raise and influence. We can’t or won’t quit what we’re doing, but we certainly do not want our child to follow in these particular footsteps. But we also say it out of desperation. We fail our kids yet again, and in our apology we wish for them to handle or do things better than we do. We yell at them for misbehaving or impatiently snap at them over something inconsequential, and if we can muster up the courage and humility, we apologize for being exactly what we are trying to correct in them. It’s hypocrisy, and as the old saying goes, it’s as ugly as sin. So, it probably should come as no great surprise that hypocrisy is what took down Jesus.


I don’t think it was Judas’ pride that compelled him. And I don’t think it was his love or desire for money that led him to conspire against Jesus. For when it was all over, he hung his head in shame and wanted nothing to do with the dirty money he had ” earned. ” No, his hypocrisy allowed him in one moment to call out to his leader and kiss Him, all the while selling Him out to those who would have His life. His lips uttered respect and devotion and sealed them with a kiss, but his heart was long gone. And soon, so was Jesus. Hypocrisy looks terrible in others, and we can spot it a mile away. In fact, we do that so well that it keeps us from examining ourselves. And even when we do look within, it’s usually only to poke fun at it rather than address it. Perhaps now is the time to lay down the other you, the one who says what he does not do.


As we seek Him today, look to see if there is a breakdown between what you’re saying and what you’re doing, and ask God to help you make the two one again.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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