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Don’t Be Separated from Jesus

Let bygones be bygones, and experience real freedom through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Our verse for today comes from Mark 16:3, ” And they said among themselves, ‘Who will roll away the stone from the door of the tomb for us?’ “


In an episode of The Andy Griffith Show , Barney is complaining about living in such a hick town as Mayberry. He tells Andy that they have no modern crime-fighting equipment, and not even a helicopter. And right about then, the mayor walks into the Sheriff’s office with an FBI agent. It turns out that the Mayberry that Barney is embarrassed by is being given an award for having the lowest crime rate in the country. Andy is grateful, if unimpressed, while Barney is ecstatic. Over the next few days, hysteria sweeps the usually quiet town. Reporters show up to write articles for their newspapers, the school declares a holiday, Andy and Barney are scheduled to receive medals, and Floyd creates a Historical Society and Tourist Bureau to assist Barney with giving tours to visitors of the jailhouse. But what no one realized except for Andy was that the FBI agent and his photographer were thieves, and they invented the entire hoax to create a distraction to enable them to clean out the bank’s safe. So during the ceremony, while the entire town was enjoying the festivities, the two men picked the combination to the vault and embarked on collecting their booty. However, waiting for them in the vault was Andy. Impressed and amused, he congratulated the men on their skill at cracking the safe. You see, the bank had lost the combination to the vault 15 years earlier, and in order to get in, they had to put a door in on the back wall, and it was through that door that Andy came to sit and wait for the robbers.


A giant stone, a locked vault, these are just metaphors for what separate us from Jesus and all that He wants to do on the inside of us. Someone else may have done it, or it may have been a mistake fifteen years ago, but the barrier is there. And it needs to be overcome. Somehow there is a way to get past what’s there. It may be uncomfortable, it’s probably atypical, but it’s eternal. Your heart, every nook of it, matters. Who will roll away your stone?


As we seek Him today, let bygones be bygones, and experience real freedom through the power of the Holy Spirit.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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