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Don’t Take Your Eyes off the Bridegroom

Let the appeal of the insignificant and the draw of the incidental be put back into its proper place, and let Jesus have His rightful reign.


Our verse for today comes from John 2:2, ” Now both Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding. “


John Daly is a 50-year-old professional golfer, a two-time major championship winner, who won his first tournament in 1991 as an unknown rookie only after nine other players withdrew before it began, opening up a spot for him less than twenty-four hours before he had to tee off. Driving through the night, he arrived in time to shoot a 3-under par for the first round. Three days later, he was the champion and a major personality in the golf world. Since then, he went on to win the British Open in 1995, and three other tournaments during his career. But in the twenty-plus years since he splashed on the scene, Daly has made more of a reputation for his excesses than his successes. He once scored an eighteen on a hole, he quit the 2011 Australian Open after he kept hitting golf balls into the water hazard on a hole until he had no more balls, he has had four wives, and he stated in his autobiography that he has lost over $50 million gambling. But in spite of his shortcomings, Daly is beloved by most golf fans. He is approachable, generous, and forthcoming with the public. And so, as Daly begins his second career on the PGA Seniors Tour, the golf world is expecting a heightened interest in Daly, the Seniors Tour, and golf in general. His presence in tournaments, regardless of his skill level, will overshadow much of what happens among the other players just because of his personality.


It’s unheard of to speak of a wedding and the bride and groom go unmentioned. But for the wedding at Cana, the attendance of Jesus and His dealings with the wine shortage overshadowed the official guests of honor. And that’s truly how it should be for you and me. No event or occasion should be elevated to the point where Jesus is not still our primary focus. No domestic crisis or work responsibilities should squeeze out our focus on glorifying God with our every thought and action. Nothing, regardless of its human appeal or supposed importance, should take our eyes off the true Bridegroom.


As we seek Him today, let the appeal of the insignificant and the draw of the incidental be put back into its proper place, and let Jesus have His rightful reign.

AuthorRich Holt| BCWorldview.org 

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