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Don’t Wait for the Movie, Read the BOOK


Our verse for today comes from Jeremiah 51:63, ” Now it shall be, when you have finished reading this book, that you shall tie a stone to it and throw it out into the Euphrates. “


I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say that the movie was better than the book. For whatever reason, whether it’s the different ending, or lack of detail, or change in the storyline, or characters added or omitted, people who have read the book on which a movie is based invariably say that the book was better. Even with the technology available today to combine real-life with computer-generated imagery, the realness and the substance of the written word has yet to be surpassed by the special effects displayed on the big screen. But since there were no movie houses in Jeremiah’s day showing films and selling drinks for $10 a cup, I wonder how the Babylonians reacted to the words and actions of Seraiah. Did they like the book or the movie more? Or should I say, did they hate the book or the movie more? For what Seraiah did was take the words that Jeremiah had written down from God regarding the impending doom and destruction of Babylon, and go with the king to those people and read them the book. But when he finished, he also gave them the movie version of the story. He tied up the book with string and a stone, walked over near their mighty river, and threw the book into the water.


Now, Hollywood would have employed slow motion, massive explosions and possibly even 3-D to get across the emphatic imagery of the book sinking to the bottom of the river. They would have left nothing to chance to make sure we realized that Babylon was the one that was headed for annihilation. So I’m not sure which version the Babylonians would have preferred, the explicit descriptions of Jeremiah, or the simple yet emphatic actions of Seraiah. Regardless, God’s point was made. Now as for you, what gets through best? Is it God’s Holy Word? Do you read it enough to let it do its work? Or are you always waiting on God for the movie? Do you let Him speak to you, or do you think you need more? Take a look, a longer, more personal look, into His Word, His heart. And rediscover how much better it is than any movie.


As we seek Him today, open your heart to God’s written Word. Read it expecting Him to have something to say to you. And then listen.

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