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Draw on the Power of the Holy Spirit

Draw upon the power and presence of God which walks around with you every step that you take.


Our verse for today comes from John 2:7, ” Jesus said to them, ‘Fill the jars with water.’ And they filled them up to the brim. “


In a Seinfeld episode, Jerry buys his dad a Wizard electronic organizer for his birthday. The Wizard was a type of handheld personal digital assistant (PDA) that came with a daily planner and calculator, and was convenient for sending emails and faxes. Jerry’s dad, however, was most excited because he could use it as a tip calculator, and would constantly refer to it as his Wizard tip calculator, which compelled Jerry to emphatically remind him that it had other functions. Invariably the dad would say he would get to the other functions, but he never did. That spoof on PDA’s and the relative technological savviness of senior citizens should actually ring more true to most of us than we’d care to admit. Who among us is utilizing what we have all around us and at our fingertips to its utmost potential? If you belong to a workout gym, how many of the available exercises, classes, and benefits are you taking part in? If you use Excel spreadsheets or something similar, what percentage of its features and options do you put to use? How many of us use Google only to look up something online?


Spiritually, we are equipped with the unending power of the universe. We have residing inside us the God of creation, the wisdom of eternity, the living Holy Spirit. But do you realize all that that entails? He, the Holy Spirit, regenerates our heart for eternal life. He enables us to fulfil our calling of bringing glory to God. He guides us to all truth, which comes directly from our Heavenly Father. He intercedes for us in our weakness when we need to pray but do not know what. The Spirit comforts us as One who knows and understands all. He convicts us when our natures have fallen short of giving God His glory. He teaches us the truths of God’s Word, and reminds us of what He has said. And the Holy Spirit cleanses and justifies us before the throne of God. Within you is much more than a spirit. He is the all-powerful Holy Spirit, and you have been filled to the brim by God. Let that begin to overflow.


As we seek Him today, draw upon the power and presence of God which walks around with you every step that you take.

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