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Eating His Food


Our focus verse for today comes from John 4:34, “Jesus said to them, ‘My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.’” 

Background & Application

I think it’s fair to say that Jesus had a lot on his plate during His brief ministry on earth, and here he tells us what food was on that plate – to do the will of His Father. Now we could certainly call that obedience. God clearly gave Jesus specific work to complete and He did it. We could also call it righteousness. He definitely remained perfect and now sits with His Father in heaven. But we could also call it holiness. Jesus said the very basic sustenance of His being, that which kept Him going from day to day, was to do the will of God. To not do God’s will would be like not getting fed. In our lives, there is nothing that can do what food can do. Although an IV of nutrients can keep someone alive, it takes food to enable them to get up and live life. But living life outside of God’s will, even if it’s in one small area that we think is unimportant to Him, is like not eating. Eventually it’s going to catch up to us. and unfortunately, we so often think we are being fed when really we are being starved. Doing His will, partaking of His holiness, is living life as He intended. Holiness is what comes from eating His food, just like malnutrition comes from not eating at all. 


Today, let’s seek the food that God has made for us. Let’s confess that we love to eat, but our appetites are not inclined to sit at His banquet and taste His holiness. Ask God to make us want to do His will. 

Rich Holt / BCWorldview.org


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