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Eternal Treasures vs. Earthly Treasures

Enjoy your relationships that God has blessed you with, and spend your resources investing in living happily ever after.


Our verse for today comes from Matthew 6:20, ” But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.”


This weekend, we went down to empty out my mom’s apartment. But before we got there, my sisters and brother-in-law had spent most of the week going through everything that she had, packing it up and giving away all that no one else in the family might want. Several dozen large trash bags were hauled away to hopefully benefit someone who could use them. And it didn’t take a detective to figure out what my mom’s interests were. As my sister put it, my mom loved music, clothes, tv, and the Lord. She had hundreds of cd’s, many of them still in the wrapper. Her clothes and shoes filled over forty bags. She also had vcr recordings of many of her favorite shows. And then she had some Bibles. About a dozen of them spread out around her small apartment, some of various versions, along with some study guides. She didn’t have much of anything, and she wasn’t a woman of travel or refined taste, but she loved what she loved. And boy, did she love her family. On top of the photo albums that she had, there were enough loose pictures to fill four boxes. And I don’t remember one picture that had anything in it but members of the family. Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, kids, grandkids, and on and on. Each flip of a photo would bring on another rush of memories and stories. Family gatherings, dated hairstyles, interesting outfits, forgotten ancestors, they all were available again.


It’s fascinating to relive your mom’s life as you go through her belongings and wonder about them. Why did she keep this knickknack or that album? What made her buy this or enjoy that? There’s no way to know now. But I know how pleased she is that she treasured Jesus above all she left behind in her apartment. She has it all now for eternity. Whatever has value is at her fingertips, and her heart is filled with infinite joy. Like me, you may have more stuff than you need, or even desire. If so, look at it and see what it does to your heart. If it tugs on it too strongly, take that to the Lord. Love what you love, but be sure it can love you back.


As we seek Him today, enjoy your relationships that God has blessed you with, and spend your resources investing in living happily ever after.

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