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Evangelism – The Dot and Evolution

In 1 Cor. 9:22 Paul, speaking to the church in Corinth makes the point that there are many ways to fulfill the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19). My testimony includes a long road of apologetics, or a logical defense of God’s truths, finally leading to an intellectual acceptance (head knowledge) which was followed by my true salvation (heart knowledge). From that perspective, I think some (perhaps few) may find logic as a path toward God and eternal life. In my correspondence with atheists and agnostics, I have been trying out a few pre-evangelism conversation starters. One involves the reality that God’s ways are above our ways. The other brief approach is offered below for those desiring to open the minds of those who are more analytical.

My Question to the Atheist

“If I could ask one, two-part question. First, can you explain to your own satisfaction where the dot came from in the creation of the universe, without the supernatural? Second, can you explain to your own satisfaction how the human eye was formed under the constraints of survival of the fittest and natural selection as proposed by Darwin and others? These are well-worn questions dating back hundreds of years, but, to me, have equal relevance today. I believe when science fully answers these questions, God will be somewhere in the mix. This, regardless of what man may think of the intrusion.”


Of course, this is not for those looking for faith to overcome trials in their life. Certainly the words above have no saving faith associated with them. They merely serve as a starting point for those who have refused to consider the supernatural, admittedly a long way from a loving God desiring that all should come to a relationship with Him (1 Tim. 2:4). But, perhaps, it’s a start.

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