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Faith & Belief – The Basics

Today there are so many who have no concept of Biblical Christianity. They just have some vague stories about a good man, Jesus, some guy that was in a whale for a while, and the world is going to end someday. Many folks (I communicate with them regularly) just think Christians are flat crazy. Worse, we are narrow-minded, radical, hateful, and lately, there is a growing belief we are trying to take over the world and force Christianity on everyone. This last observation has shocked me the most given the deterioration in those who profess to be Christians. It comes from an attachment to Trump, who promoted Christianity while in office. 

One Way To Start The Conversation

There are many ways to explain the basics of who we are and what we believe and, more importantly, why what we believe is worth telling others about. Below is ONE way of starting a conversation, with those who have no idea what a Biblical Christian believes. 

Consider for just a moment that you believed that there was life after the grave and it lasted for eternity. And there were only two places you could spend that “time”, one very good and one very bad place. What if you also believed that you had to decide while alive on earth which place you would end up? For me, faith/belief takes on much more meaning from that perspective. This is the perspective of a Biblical Christian. For themselves, their loved ones, their friends, even their enemies…. they (we) have a faith/belief that accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9–10) is the ONLY path to eternity in Heaven.  The alternative is eternity in Hell. Faith/belief takes on a very heavy meaning under those conditions. 

As I mentioned, there are many ways to provide a basic understanding of Biblical Christianity, a precursor to evangelism. This is just one that can offer some understanding and perhaps pique an interest for a deeper understanding of why we “believe this crazy stuff” if God is pricking the heart of a seeker.

Jeff Hilles| BCWorldview.org


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