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Faith not Luck

As we seek Him today, move beyond chance and luck to the realm of contentment and faith.


Our verse for today comes from 1 Samuel 4:5, ” And when the ark of the covenant of the Lord came into the camp, all Israel shouted so loudly that the earth shook. “


Sometimes it works out in your favor, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it makes a huge difference, and sometimes the effects are barely detectable. It’s called upon in extremely important situations, and invoked in matters of no importance whatsoever. Some people believe in it and rely on it, while others dismiss it as a phony and a fraud. And both the lowly and the elite put their fates in its uncertain hands, but neither has a corner on the market. So what is this mysterious force that can do so much or absolutely nothing at all? What directs people’s lives, impacts their futures, determines their good fortunes, or has the power of a twig? Prayer? No. I was actually describing luck. But the similarities are eerily noticeable, aren’t they? So what makes them different? What aspect in your life would lead someone to believe that you hitch your wagon to prayer, say, rather than luck? Without using either word, how do you express your hope so that others know that you leave your future in the hands of God, and not the hands of some gods? It has to come down to a relationship. Those who have one with God know the Person behind the architect of events. The ” lucky ” ones have nowhere to look beyond the outcome at hand. The point of conviction, though, is where our walk with the Lord seems to impersonate those who leave things to chance, luck, and hoping for the best, even though we have the power of God at our disposal.


The Israelites shouted for joy when the ark of the Lord arrived after they had lost 4,000 men in battle, only to follow that up with a massacre that cost them 30,000 lives. Was their relationship right with God, or did they just figure that luck was on their side and victory was assured? If you don’t know very well the God to whom you pray, then unanswered prayers probably just feel like bad luck. But if you two are close, then His sovereignty knows no bounds, and His ” no’s ” are as good as His ” yes’s. ” Are you lucky enough to know there’s no such thing as luck?


As we seek Him today, move beyond chance and luck to the realm of contentment and faith.

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