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Our verse for today comes from John 19:12, “From then on Pilate sought to release Him, but the Jews cried out saying, ‘If you let this Man go, you are not Caesar’s friend. Whoever makes himself a king speaks against Caesar.’”


Elvis Presley was, well, the King of Rock and Roll. At least, that’s what he came to be known as. There is some debate as to where and when the nickname was first applied to him, but certainly by the time he had his first #1 song in 1956, he was well on his way to becoming The King. Michael Jackson was an ultra-talented singer, songwriter, dancer, and choreographer who got his start singing with his brothers in the 1960’s before he was even a teenager. Eventually, as he was setting music sales records in the 1980’s, he became known as the King of Pop. Despite being declared some sort of king by the public and media, no one would accuse these two performers of pursuing an actual throne or seeking to usurp anyone’s legitimate authority. The same would go for many other famous Kings, such as Stephen King, Don King, Carole King, Larry King, and Martin Luther King, Jr. But what about someone who does make himself out to be something that carries with it particular expectations or standards? What about the man or woman, boy or girl, who makes himself out to be a Christian? Is there anything that they should be about that might stand against what is going on around them? Is there anything that characterizes you as different from the world that surrounds you and seeks to envelope you?


As our society becomes more enamored with pomp and glitz and things of little substance and even less significance, new kings seem to come and go almost as quickly as someone can post something online. What is needed is not a new king, but better followers of the real King. If His followers are different from other people, are they being different in the right way and for the right reasons? And if they too closely resemble the ones who still need saving, how will those drowning among the sharks ever know that there is a Savior who longs to pull them into His boat? The King is alive, well may we follow the King.


As we seek Him today, recognize and revere the King for who He is, and follow Him as His loyal subject.

Rich Holt / Originally Published on : BCWorldview.org

Also published on : Medium.com.


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