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Follow His Design and His Good Will


Our verse for today comes from Psalm 118:24, ” This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. “


God did a lot of creating those first six days. And although He rested on the seventh day and called it holy, He sure didn’t stop making things. Everything that has ever been since then has come out of the heart and mind of God. Every person, invention, animal and structure exists because of Him. Even the days. Think about the idea of creating a day. As amazing as it would be to be able to create life, imagine then creating the days in which all of those lives would exist. How awesome would it be to make the creatures, design the society, and weave it all together so that you could be worshipped and praised by those that know and love you? Each day, God gets to roll out another one of His unique creations, and take the next twenty- four hours to watch it unfold. So, what would you do if this was the day that you could make?

How might you do things a little different? I know a lot of us would eliminate some of the suffering and death that is so prevalent in certain parts of the world. Certain causes would receive a boost, and our own welfare would improve, along with the welfare of those we know and love.


Well, let me suggest that we do have the ability to make our day. Every thought you think and every word you say shapes the very hours you have. And the hours you have shape the hours of many people around you. But what we have to resist is believing that we are the center of the day we are making. Our tendency is to let our focus shift from God’s design and the needs of others to our personal comforts and the success of our immediate plans. We make ourselves into little gods around which our day must revolve. That alone belongs to God. He makes the day. And He grants us the ability to make of it what we can, and when we do, it reflects the direction of our heart. So while you are making for yourself a good day, rejoice and be glad in it. And use your creative powers to point others to the Creator.

Follow His design, and carry out His will for His good pleasure. There’s nothing better that you could make.


As we seek Him today, make sure that your focus is somewhere besides yourself. Ask God to unfold His day for you in the way that would bring Him the most honor and fame.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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