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Friday, December 2, 2022

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that run counter to a Biblical Christian worldview.

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Biden Trans Surgery Blocked – The Washington Stand – “Biden Declines to Appeal Trans Ruling, Handing Momentum to Parents…The Biden administration has declined to appeal a federal court ruling that blocked their proposed federal mandate that would have required medical staff to perform gender transition procedures, including the removal of healthy organs, regardless of religious objections. The move could signal a recognition from the White House that a cultural shift away from widespread acceptance of gender transition procedures for minors is occurring.

Same-Sex Bill – The Hill – “Democrats succumb to political reality on same-sex marriage bill… The Senate’s Respect for Marriage Act has progressives arguing that efforts to safeguard same-sex unions remain unfinished after concessions were made to Republican demands for bolstered religious liberty protections… The Respect for Marriage Act requires that states recognize same-sex marriages, but does not go as far as Obergefell in requiring that states perform those marriages.”

Georgia Pro-Life – World – “Georgia Supreme Court protects babies after six weeks… The Georgia Supreme Court on Wednesday reinstated protections for unborn babies after six weeks of pregnancy. It is still considering whether the state’s heartbeat law is constitutional. Georgia passed a law in 2019 protecting babies after six weeks when the first cardiac activity can be detected in a baby.

Senator loss of Courage – The Washington Stand – “Senator Lummis’s Marriage Vote and the Collapse of Christian Courage… For conservatives, who’ve spent the better part of six months in the trenches for an institution Republicans have always stood for, there were plenty of sad storylines from Tuesday night’s marriage vote. Perhaps the saddest, at least to the movement’s veterans, was watching men and women they trusted try to justify the abandonment of their longtime principles. 

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