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Friday, December 23, 2022

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that run counter to a Biblical Christian worldview.

Rep. Bishop reveals ‘sinister’ feature in omnibus bill on family planning, threats to biodiversity… “Spending taxpayer money to save nature by aborting babies. Nightmarish,” Daily Caller news editor Grayson Quay tweeted.”There’s a chilling anti-human synergy between the Left’s pet projects, from throttling energy production and raising the cost of living to outright killing people in the womb. It’s all about making fewer, less vibrant, and wholly dependent people. It’s truly evil,” Minnesota House Representative-elect Walter Hudson wrote.” – Fox News

VA Nurse Stands Up for Religious Freedom…Stephanie Carter, a Texas nurse practitioner who has worked for the VA for 23 years, is standing up to the Biden administration’s Department of Veterans Affairs rule that mandates VA medical facilities provide abortion counseling and abortions. She says that both the requirement to participate in abortions, directly or indirectly, and the VA’s refusal to facilitate religious accommodations, violates her sincerely held religious beliefs.” – Washington Stand

Violent Night or Silent Night for Christians in Hostile Nations?… There are radical differences between how Christians in free nations celebrate Christmas and how Christians in nations hostile to Christ celebrate Christmas…. In free nations, we gather in our churches and sing “Silent Night.” In nations hostile to Christ, Christians try to remain silent or meet under cover of darkness to avoid detection. Persecuted by their government, extremist groups, or even their own family members, they do what they can to minimize the risk of raids or attacks.” – CBN News

Veteran News Anchor Jim Gardner Makes His Goodbye Count By Telling Truth About The Press… “The American free press has been under attack, not by forces from other countries, but from elements embedded in our own society, and even our own government. It worries me deeply,” Gardner said.” – HuffPost

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