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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that run counter to a Biblical Christian worldview.

PayPal | Abortion | Suicide Kits | PP Cartoons | Gender Dysphoria

PayPay Updates Policy, Again – FOX News – “PayPal user agreement fining users up to $2,500 for promoting ‘misinformation’ was sent ‘in error,’ spox says?.. the updated Acceptable Use Policy was sent out ‘in error’… when contacted by FOX Business, a PayPal spokesperson said that the Acceptable Use Policy notice went out in error and that the company will not fine users for misinformation… Former PayPal President David Marcus commented on the policy, saying in a tweet that the updated Acceptable Use Policy “goes against everything I believe in.”

Abortion – The Washington Stand – ‘I Regret It Every Day’: New Survey Reveals the Extent of Post-Abortion Trauma… Nearly two out of three women who had a medication abortion say they would have benefited from talking to someone about the trauma of their abortion experience, but only 24% sought out help, according to a study of 14,000 women conducted by the group Support After Abortion. The gaping disparity may reflect the fact that 82% of post-abortive women did not know where they could find post-abortion counseling.”

Suicide Kits – NPR – “A parents’ lawsuit accuses Amazon of selling suicide kits to teenagers… The parents of 16-year-old Kristine Jónsson of Ohio and the parents of 17-year-old Ethan McCarthy of West Virginia say the retail giant assisted in the deaths of the two minors by selling them sodium nitrite, a food preservative that is fatal at high levels of purity.”

PP Cartoon on Puberty Blockers – Fox News – “Planned Parenthood criticized for cartoon on YouTube promoting puberty blockers to children… The video tells viewers that some people may need hormone replacement therapy or surgeries to help them match up to ‘how they feel inside’… The video was posted on the group’s YouTube channel earlier this year but received renewed attention after the group Inside The Classroom reposted it on Twitter last week.”

Gender Dysphoria – The Washington Stand – “Report: 42,000 Minors Diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria in 2021… According to Komodo’s insurance claim data, 42,167 patients aged 6-17 were diagnosed with gender dysphoria in 2021. In 2020, 24,847 minors were diagnosed. It was 21,375 minors in 2019, 18,321 minors in 2018, and 15,172 minors in 2017. That adds up to 121,882 children diagnosed with gender dysphoria in the five-year period 2017-2021, as the steady increase suddenly spiked in 2021.”

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