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Our verse for today comes from Philippians 1:12, ” But I want you to know, brothers, that the things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel. “


There are approximately 3,000 satellites in orbit around the earth doing a lot of different things. And some have very specialized functions. One particular satellite circles the earth almost once every hour with the sole purpose of tracking and recording the vegetation growth of the entire planet. Another one is able to detect the massive windstorms that blow for hundreds of miles across the Sahara desert, carrying the sand and dust literally from one continent to another. As I looked at images from these two picture takers in the sky, I noticed how they both are recording the advancement or retreat of nature around the globe. In the pictures, you could see the green of plant life grow and spread, just as you could see the particles of the desert blow and end up in the Amazon. It was almost like watching the lines of battle marching across the planet, gaining ground or surrendering position as the winds and seasons changed.


Somewhere up there, out there, God can see the lines of battle that mark the positions of His gospel. In some places, hills are being taken and victories are being won. Elsewhere, the enemy is gaining the upper hand and things appear less promising. But these lines of demarcation are not images on a satellite photo, nor are they impersonal, nebulous activities taking place somewhere around the world. The ground being fought over is the very soil that you will tread on today. Your paths will leave behind an image that will show either the furtherance or the decline of the gospel. Consequently, you must enter the day with the intention of increasing God’s territory. You have no way of knowing what your day ahead holds. In prison like Paul? Probably not. But there will be a surprise along the way, perhaps even a setback. And if you’re not equipping yourself to take on whatever comes, then the views from above will reveal what none of us want to see. Whatever will happen will happen, but how it turns out is there for the taking.


As we seek Him today, make it your goal to use every bit of your day as an opportunity to further the gospel. Leave an image that reflects the heart of the Father.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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