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God Can Make the Math Work


Our verse for today comes from John 6:13, ” So they gathered them up and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves which were left over by those who had eaten. “


There is a riddle that poses this scenario – Two coins add up to fifteen cents and one of them is not a dime. What are the two coins? Give up? Well, the answer goes that since one of them is not a dime, then it must be a nickel, and the other coin must be the dime. You see, it doesn’t say that neither one of them is a dime. It merely says that one of them is not a dime. But since we know that it’s a riddle, sometimes we can get distracted by the appearance that the math is not supposed to add up. Our mind fills in gaps that aren’t really there. Clearly the only way to make fifteen cents out of two coins is to have a dime and a nickel, yet our brains start trying to figure out how to use part of a quarter or half dollar or some other ridiculous solution. When Jesus fed the thousands on the hillside with five barley loaves and two small fish, the Bible says that the people were filled, and there were leftovers to be gathered up afterwards. And so the riddle for the disciples might have been, how do thousands eat up five loaves of bread and then you collect twelve baskets full of leftovers? The math doesn’t add up. Even if the loaves were significantly larger than the baskets, they had been eaten on by thousands of people. Each loaf would have had to have been the size of a minivan to last long enough to feed that crowd.


No, there is no other way to explain it except by saying that God multiplied what was there to be more than enough. Every other scenario we might devise to explain it is like chopping a quarter up until it’s worth part of fifteen cents. Ridiculous. And in your daily grind, there are situations where the math doesn’t seem to add up for you. There seems like not enough time, or too many obligations, or people aren’t going to understand, or you don’t have what you think you need. But just remember that God can always make the math work. You don’t have to resort to chopping quarters to make things work out. He can do whatever seems undoable. And He’ll do it for you today.


As we seek Him today, give your riddles to God and tell Him that you can’t figure everything out or make everything work. Ask Him to solve for you what is not a problem for Him, and get ready to gather up with His basket.

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