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God has Authority Over Your Life


Our verse for today comes from Romans 9:21, ” Does not the potter have power over the clay, from the same lump to make one vessel for honor, and another for dishonor? “


Does the potter have power over the clay? That is the question for each of our lives, is it not? There definitely is a potter, we don’t have to spend much time considering that. He is everywhere we look, everywhere we turn. We hear Him in Scripture, we see Him in nature, we know Him in our hearts. And there is also the clay. We are here where God has placed us, living our lives such as they are. Our own frailties and aches, as well as those of our loved ones, prevent us from claiming to be of any grander substance than clay. Some days, even clay seems like a step up. But what about that power part of the arrangement? Who is the one yielding the authority over whom?

The verse just before this one asks us if the thing formed will say to the one who formed it, ” Why have you made me like this? ” And we know the answer to this, don’t we? It’s a big, fat yes. We each have our own ways of questioning God and letting Him know that we prefer to follow our own course of action. Sometimes we do it by ignoring. We hear something or read something or see something that convicts our hearts, but we put it out of our minds as impractical, uncomfortable, or inconvenient. We know that the impulse will soon enough fade. Sometimes we do it with a counter-offer. God places His opportunity before us, and we present back to Him how we have chosen to manage it. We prefer to work it on our schedule, or with our resources, or in our timing.

And sometimes we do it with direct questioning. We want to know why God has dealt us this hand. What right does He have to afflict us so much more than others? What have we done to deserve it? Why can’t I catch a break? But who has the power? Who is under whose authority? Who knows all and has created all? Who resides in eternity and who can’t see ten seconds into the future? Place yourself back under God’s power and authority, and let Him use you as that vessel of honor He created you to be.


As we seek Him today, thank Him that He has all power and authority in your life. And, live like it’s true.

Rich Holt / BCWorldview.org


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