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God is So Loving

With all of the violence, looting, fires, and taking down historical statues it’s very hard to see God in this. You might ask, “Where’s God? And why would He create such a horrible, disgusting world?” The answer to that question is He is here always but He gives us a choice. You can be a slave to sin and worship idolatry, lust, fornication, and all of the nightmares that comes with the human body, or you can be set free and follow Jesus forsaking your old life, killing your old self and old ways to be reborn to new life. Jesus is calling you to new life we just have to humble ourselves, repent from our sins, and turn to Him. God will always give a choice…until it’s too late.

The time is near when Jesus will be returning and taking back His church.

I read a quote today that essentially said, “this life isn’t a dress rehearsal, go out and really make the most of it” but that isn’t correct. This life is a dress rehearsal. We are the bride of Christ dressing for our wedding with Jesus but those who choose not to dress the part will burn for it for all eternity. God is a loving, sovereign, merciful, slow to anger, righteous God; but being righteous means doing the right thing and this life most certainly has consequences. The more you give during your life the more your treasures will be in heaven. The more you proclaim the name of Jesus in life you can be sure He will proclaim your name to the Father. However, all your actions will be accounted for and judged. All your idle words will be judged so I advise you to be transformed by Jesus and live for Him then there is no worry instead there is peace.

I’m upset to see the world tearing itself apart because of this manufactured racism as part of the antichrist agenda to divide people in hatred. God is not happy with this movement stirring up division and hatred towards our neighbors. What did God say? Love God with all your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength, and love your Neighbors as yourself.

Be sure that God will serve justice to all as it should be done.

No one will be left untouched. Now I ask you, have you built that relationship with Jesus by spending time with Him, and by hearing and obeying God’s word to have Jesus as your personal attorney on the Day of Judgement?

If you’re reading this it means rejoice for there is still time for these things to happen for you for by grace through faith are you saved. God is so loving and He so wishes for you to join Him. All of the evil that permeates this earth will not be forever and God’s children will be with Him in perfect paradise for all eternity. He had offered this gift of salvation and it’s our choice to accept it.

If you felt moved and, if there’s anyone you know that could benefit from reading please share this with someone for our time is short. I do hope to see you in paradise. Thank you, and until next time.

… oh, and one more thing.

I love you

Guest Author | Donald Pay

Originally published at https://medium.com/@DonaldPay


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