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God Loves Us and Protects Us


Our verse for today comes from Genesis 3:21, ” Also for Adam and his wife the Lord God made tunics of skin, and clothed them. “


When you read through the events of the lives of Adam and Eve as recorded in the first chapters of Genesis, you are of course exposed to some fascinating stories regarding the beginning of mankind. Adam is formed out of dirt and receives the breath of life from God. Adam also names all the animals in search of a helper comparable to him, with no success. Eve is formed from Adam’s own body and is given to him as his wife. And then there’s the account of the encounter with Satan and the fruit. Eve is deceived and the couple eat the forbidden fruit, damning all of man to hell, apart from the saving grace of God their creator. And God does have grace on Adam and Eve, for He extends their lives and makes for them a covering for their bodies and their shame. God Himself sheds the first blood to appease His own wrath. But as I read through the lives of our first ancestors, I noticed one thing missing. I could not find where God ever told His first children that He loved them. He created them, blessed them, commanded them, walked with them, talked with them, and spared them. But I do not find an instance of where He said that He loved them.


But surely He did love them, right? ” For God so loved the world ” included Adam and Eve, to be sure. But why didn’t He tell them? Perhaps He did. The few sentences we are privy to in scripture certainly couldn’t scratch the surface of all that they said to each other. But even more than that, I must believe that His love is somehow deeper and fuller than that four-letter word can convey. When Adam and Eve thought about who they were, what they had, and Who was among them, what else could they feel but infinite love? And today, God’s love is expressed in so many ways. We get the benefit of reading it in His Word, but it goes so much further than that. All we have to do is attune our hearts to receiving it as He sends it, and the certainty of it and the power of it does more than any words on any page. I know that firsthand, and I praise Him for loving me as only He can.


As we seek Him today, go throughout your day looking for evidence of God’s love for you. And look for opportunities to be His expression to someone else.

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