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God Will Provide for Your Needs

Trust God to know the right answer, and to do the right thing. Don't worry about how many loaves you may or may not have.


Our verse for today comes from Mark 6:38, ” But He said to them, ‘How many loaves do you have? Go and see.’ And when they found out they said, ‘Five, and two fish.’ “


Shadowlands tells the story of C.S. Lewis and his wife, Joy. Jack, as Lewis preferred to be called, was a college professor, lecturer, author, and Christian apologist. Joy was a younger Christian woman fleeing a failed marriage to an alcoholic, unfaithful husband. As their friendship grew, Lewis took her to a ceremony at the college and eventually up to see his classroom. While Joy was looking down over the courtyard where Lewis’ colleagues are mingling, she begins to fire off at Jack regarding the life he has arranged for himself. She accuses him of having created this environment of insulation where he cannot be touched. All who appear to be close to him are either younger, or weaker or somehow under his control. They all are well trained not to ” play out of bounds. ” And so Joy walks out on a stunned Lewis. Shortly thereafter, Jack confronts a student of his that is dropping out of school. Frustrated by his sense of failure to reach this young man, Jack rhetorically asks what it is that everyone wants from him. And the young man comments that that was the first question he had heard from Lewis that sounded like he didn’t know the answer.


When Jesus asked a question of someone in scripture, we generally assume that He knew the answer, what with being God’s Son. But when He laid aside certain things to become a man, it’s quite possible that He chose to surrender the knowledge of some things until told them by others without surrendering His sinless state of being the eternal Son. So when He asked the disciples how many loaves they had, He may not have known the answer. But because of His relationship with the Father, the answer didn’t matter. And that is what revealed His perfection more than anything He said or did. His complete and total trust in God to take care of every situation expressed the image that God had created back in the garden, before it all fell apart. That is the trust you and I should have, even as it falls apart all around us.


As we seek Him today, trust God to know the right answer, and to do the right thing. Don’t worry about how many loaves you may or may not have.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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