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God Works in Miraculous Ways Through You

Fully accept that you must surrender everything in order for God to fully work through you. Strive to go beyond the ordinary and into the strange.


Our verse for today comes from Luke 5:26, ” And they were all amazed, and they glorified God and were filled with fear, saying, ‘We have seen strange things today.’ “


What have you seen today? Perhaps very little so far. If it’s first thing in the morning for you, then your choices may be limited. But what will you see today? Impossible to know, isn’t it? Even if you go about your normal routine and do everything exactly like you always do, there’s still no way to anticipate what might happen all around you. You may very well see something amazing, something glorious, and something frightful. Odder still, you may see them all in the exact same instance. What kind of event would have to occur for you to have the kind of reaction the people had when Jesus healed the paralyzed man and forgave his sins? What would it take to evoke amazement, praise, and fear out of you? That’s a curious thought to consider. Some have a high threshold of tolerance for things out of the ordinary, taking in stride the oddities and anomalies that many of us can’t ignore quite so easily. Others throw around the word miracle if they catch several green lights in a row on their way to work.


But my simple question to you is, what strange things will others see from you today? What will they look upon from their time spent with you, brief or extended, and experience awe, fear, and a presence of the Lord? Is there anything within you, anything to express either in word or deed, that can be explained only by pointing to something and someone greater than yourself? Will anyone compare your will and determination to men tearing open a roof to lower a paralyzed friend down among the crowd? Will anyone know your forgiveness and surmise that it is too big and generous to come from your own heart? Will someone feel your compassion and generosity and realize that God really does care about them? I’d like to see some strange things today. But I’d really like to be strange and do strange things today. Our God is amazing, glorious, and fearful. When we yield to Him and live by His Spirit, that is exactly what others will see today.


As we seek Him today, fully accept that you must surrender everything in order for God to fully work through you. Strive to go beyond the ordinary and into the strange.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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