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God’s Grace in Our Lives


Our verse for today comes from John 2:25, ” And He did not need anyone to bear witness about man, for He knew what was in man. “


Do you eat hotdogs? I do, especially the red ones. And I don’t need them with mustard, ketchup, slaw or relish. Just give me some chili and a warm, soft bun. But I doubt if there is a food that is more ridiculed for what goes into making it. The jokes usually include floor sweepings or the leftover parts of the pig or something disgusting like that. People that claim to know will tell you that you don’t want to know. On the road to becoming a vegetarian, one will usually make their first stop at eliminating hotdogs from their diet. And I wonder whether the workers who make the hotdogs actually eat them as well. And do the executives, the ones who decide what goes into them, love them and eat them, too? Whether they do or not, they certainly don’t need anyone telling them about the good and bad of their product. They created it, made it, and approved it.


Jesus knows a thing or two about creating and approving. He made man, not out of floor sweepings, but out of the dirt. And when He was done, He said that he was very good. But Satan has a different opinion of us. In fact, one of his tasks is to accuse us before God. He claims to know how bad we are, and he wants God to agree with him and do something about it. But our Father has a strange response for Satan. He doesn’t argue with him. Instead, He says that Satan doesn’t know the half of it. As bad as Satan wants to paint us, God our creator says that we are much worse. Jesus wouldn’t commit Himself to any man because he knew how dark we are on the inside, regardless of the show we put on for everyone else. God knows that nothing good can come from us. But unlike Satan, this moves God to shower us with grace. He sees our depravity and knows that His love is the answer. So when your fellow believers hurt you or forget you or overlook you or talk about you, realize that they are even worse than that. Just like you and I are. We are worse than even Satan can accuse. So shower them with grace. It’s God’s answer for floor sweepings.


As we seek Him today, realize the cavern that separates our sinfulness from God’s holiness. And see that grace is the only response that He calls very good.

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