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God’s Question to You

Turn aside from the broad way, and choose the narrow path of honesty and true relationship.


Our verse for today comes from Mark 11:31, ” And they reasoned among themselves, saying, ‘If we say, ” From heaven, ” He will say, ” Why then did you not believe him? ” ‘ “


If you intend on taking in a big-time sporting event anytime soon, I hope you plan on making yourself comfortable, because you will more than likely be there for a while. Even if the plan is to stay home and watch it on television, prepare yourself for more than the ridiculous number of commercials and several lengthy delays, for now the major sports have added something to enhance the product on the field. Rather than allowing the referees to make a call that might be incorrect, and having the game continue on with this element of human error, the referees now have the ability to review a play to determine what the correct call should be. And so, whenever certain situations occur or there is doubt as to what should be done, the game will stop as the referees wait for the game tape to be reviewed and a decision to be made. The only problem (well, in addition to slowing down the game more than it already is) is that the referees, even after reviewing and huddling up to discuss, still manage to get the calls wrong many times. Often what appears to be obvious on instant replay to the fan is not what the team of officials sees. It’s almost as if they gather together and, instead of striving to be accurate, they kick around possibilities and then settle on whichever one they want. In public administration, we call it being politically correct. But it’s really all about being political and nothing about being correct.


Jesus asked the Jewish leaders one simple question. But rather than give an honest answer from their heart, they circled up and considered the reactions to their possible responses. And fearing embarrassment or worse, they settled on the timeless response, ” We don’t know. ” God is asking you a thing or two, and you can deal with it one of several ways. One way might get you by for the time being, but you know full well that He is interested in far more than that. So after you review the situation, what conclusion will you come to?


As we seek Him today, turn aside from the broad way, and choose the narrow path of honesty and true relationship.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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