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Government Advertising For Internment Camp Specialists

Crazy Conspiracies

Over the last few weeks, both the Army and the National Guard have been circulating open positions for Internment/Resettlement Specialists (31E) opportunities. There is some buzz on social media that these positions are for quarantining COVID cases. This paranoia comes, believe it or not, from the CDC’s own website, back in mid-July of last year. One of the approaches to quarantine was the establishment of “Camp/Sector Level” for the establishment of camps for “high-risk” individuals to be “physically isolated together”. The CDC Shielding protocol report concludes by saying, 

“Household-level shielding seems to be the most feasible and dignified as it allows for the least disruption to family structure and lifestyle, critical components to maintaining compliance. However, it is most susceptible to the introduction of a virus due to necessary movement or interaction outside the green zone, less oversight, and often large household sizes. It may be less feasible in settings where family shelters are small and do not have multiple compartments. In humanitarian settings, small village, sector/block, or camp-level shielding may allow for greater adherence to proposed protocol, but at the expense of longer-term social impacts triggered by separation from friends and family, feelings of isolation, and stigmatization.”

What was proposed over a year ago was never implemented. Further, there is no expectation by anyone (that is being rational) that this policy will be put in place in the foreseeable future. As a point on how easily we can become so narrow and isolated in our tribal news feeds, here is a crazy example of how a recent bill in Tennessee can be twisted toward mandatory “medical kidnappings”. 

However, setting conspiracy aside, the fact remains that the CDC did evaluate mandatory internment camps as a possible way to control COVID. What is suggested during one pandemic might be more seriously considered by a more compliant populace in the next. 

A More Logical Explanation

Perhaps a more rational answer for these military internment specialist openings might be in preparation for the next influx of illegal aliens heading up from Panama to our southern border. 

Examples of where these advertisements are being listed include:

  • GOArmy.com
  • Army National Guard – Asheville, NC
  • Army National Guard – Washington, DC (now filled)

These positions are described by the Army as being, “responsible for the operation and safety in a confinement/correctional or a detention/internment facility. These specialists play a similar role to civilian and corrections officers in other military branches, such as a Marine Corps Correctional Specialist. Their job duties consist of supervising and assisting prisoners and internees.”

Of course, our services (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard) have military detention facilities that need staffing. To be clear, the most likely explanation is that these are normal openings based on a natural flow of employee turnover. To date, there seems to be no indication of an influx of Haitians or other large immigrant groups being “interned” in either DC or Ashville. However, it’s worth noting how odd it is that the National Guard, who has full access to civilian facilities, finds a need for internment specialists in Ashville, NC, a moderately liberal community. 

What’s The Point of This Post

The point of this post is not to suggest any conspiracy toward the use of internment camps in the foreseeable future. Instead, it’s to point out the hypocrisy, callousness, and the ignorance in the use of the job title, “Internment/Resettlement Specialist”. With all the changes/destruction of historical institutions in this country, from statues to high schools’ and sports teams’ names, one would think that it’s well past time to retire the word “internment” (#internment) in a non-combatant military job opening.   If “men” can now get pregnant and terms like “he” and “she” are no longer sufficient, it’s probably time to move past visions of Japanese Internment Camps. Scripture makes it clear that our words have power and we need to be careful and thoughtful on those we choose to use (Proverbs 18:21, 21:23, 1 Pet. 3:10, James 3:8). 

Jeff Hilles | BCWorldview.org


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