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Grace and Understanding


Our verse for today comes from John 8:4, ” They said to Him, ‘Teacher, this woman was caught in adultery, in the very act.’ “


We don’t get to choose our pet peeves. I’m quite certain that you did not decide at some early age to dislike or get annoyed at, for example, people who try to get on an elevator before you get off. Either it bothers you, or it doesn’t. In raising my kids, I have not seen them sit down and think through different scenarios, trying to decide whether a situation will annoy them or not. Either it does, or it doesn’t. Some folks couldn’t care less when a customer is on their cell phone while in the check-out line, while others would love nothing more than to see that cell phone burst into flames. You might sit at a table for hours and hardly notice it wobbling, while I might be underneath stuffing napkins under the leg within the first five seconds. Air quotes, slow drivers in the fast lane, no paper towels in the bathroom, the list could go on and on. And usually near the top of most lists is people who interrupt (which is somewhat ironic in that so many people are themselves the ones who interrupt). But of all the interruptions, the one in today’s verse might be the most momentous of them all. Without being uncouth, I’d say the woman was not expecting the Pharisees to show up at that moment and haul her down to the temple.


But, to her good fortune, one good interruption deserves another. For in the midst of Jesus teaching in the temple, her accusers barge in on His lesson and demand a ruling on her situation. And true to His nature, Jesus is neither flustered nor annoyed. His entire life was an interruption of the endless cycle of death and hopelessness of this world, so He knew that routines and schedules and expectations took a back seat to God’s perfect design. And in His ruling, which He ultimately did give, Jesus did not declare the judgment of condemnation that those angry men wanted. No, it was His offer of grace that changed the scene. Grace turned those hypocritical exposers into convicted moralists. And grace restored a condemned sinner to new life. No judgment can do that. That’s what grace alone can do.


As we seek Him today, let today be the day you return grace for irritation, and understanding for aggravation.

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