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Hands and Side


Our verse for today comes from John 20:20, “When He had said this, He showed them His hands and His side. Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord.”


There is a scene in Jerry Maguire , after Jerry and his relatively new wife have separated, where Jerry comes to the home where she is now living with her sister. Earlier that evening, Jerry had come to realize what Dorothy truly means to him, and so he has come to declare his love for her and win her back. Upon entering the house, Jerry says hello to the room full of ladies gathered there for a discussion group and announces that he is looking for his wife. Hearing Jerry’s voice, Dorothy appears from behind the lamp where she had knelt down to pick up what she had dropped, stunned by his unexpected presence. Jerry then begins to explain the epiphany he has had and attempts to convince her of his sincerity and devotion. But Dorothy eventually cuts him off, saying, “You had me at hello.” When he walked through the door, her heart was won. I wonder if a similar scene occurred in the room where the disciples were hiding when Jesus appeared from nowhere that Sunday evening. Scripture tells us He showed them His hands and side, alluding to the wounds He suffered while hanging on the cross. But Jesus didn’t point down to His pierced feet. He didn’t remove His cloak and show the gashes left across His back.


No, I imagine that the disciples may have cut Him off as well, preventing Him from continuing the display that had quickly become rather pointless. Jesus, their friend, Master, and Savior was alive again and standing in their presence. He needn’t go on convincing them of His power and His purpose. God’s love had won, and He had them right from the start. I hope that is the case for you, that you are not standing back with your arms crossed, waiting for Jesus to prove Himself one more time. I hope that He still has you as close as when you first heard “You are forgiven.” Praise God that He doesn’t ask us to continue to prove ourselves worthy. And thank God for the hands and side that made it all possible.


As we seek Him today, let Jesus, who did it all, be enough for all of you.

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