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Have Patience in the Midst of Trouble


Our verse for today comes from John 10:25, ” Jesus answered them, ‘I told you, and you do not believe. The works that I do in My Father’s name, they bear witness of Me.’ “


Last night brought to a close a long and challenging four weeks. Last week, our washing machine broke. And having a household of eight people, filled with girls who change their clothes like changing the tv channel, a son whose mission seems to be to transport the neighborhood’s dirt into our house on his clothes, and my cold-natured self who tends to wear several layers, being without a washer is significant. The one that my wife picked out to replace the broken unit was not going to be available until yesterday, so we have ventured to the laundromat, had dear friends wash and deliver our clothes, and been blessed with a mother-in-law who did more than her share. Oh, and did I mention we had five people with the flu at the same time in the midst of this laundry crisis? But last night brought the delivery of our new washer. But not until 9pm. The two men making the delivery had left for work that morning at 4:30, and when they departed our house last night at 9:45, they still had one more stop before they drove the 90 minutes back home. Now that’s a long day. But I tell you, their attitudes could not have been more pleasant. They were polite and courteous, even though they had just left a home where the customer was upset about something.


But you never would have known that to see these guys do their job. They patiently assembled what was needed and answered any questions we had, without once indicating that they were in a hurry to leave or were frustrated by the length of their day. As encounters go, it was as delightful and refreshing as one could have hoped for. So it’s possible, this calling we have as followers of Jesus, to be the calm in the storm, to shine where there is darkness, to endure when the burdens are heavy, to have joy in the midst of frustration. As a sheep, it’s imperative to have a shepherd. And since ours is the one and only, it’s vital that we put our whole trust in Him.


As we seek Him today, let your fatigue and your frustration and your impatience be a means for God to work His way in you.

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