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Heavenly Vision


Our verse for today comes from Acts 26:19, ” Therefore, King Agrippa, I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision. “


Paul’s conversion from a persecutor of Christians to the most vocal and devoted follower of Christ is a powerful testimony to the saving power of Jesus. The zeal with which he pursued believers was topped only by the zeal he had in his pursuit of the lost for God’s kingdom and glory. And his trials and sufferings on behalf of Christ are well noted, too. Whether enduring the physical beatings and mistreatment that his enemies doled out, or struggling with the wayward believers in the churches he started, Paul had every opportunity to remove himself from the front lines of service to God. But as he points out to us and to the mighty King Agrippa, he was not disobedient to the heavenly vision. And I would say that Paul was not only true to the vision He saw on that road to Damascus, but he was also true to the heavenly vision that he saw and encountered on a daily basis. A vision that God kept before him as he kept God squarely in his sights. As Paul lived and breathed the calling that God had placed on his life, his saving vision from one midday became a lifelong passion where his eyes stayed fixed on Jesus and the heavenly celebration that awaited. Paul’s heart was consumed with the grace of God and the need for everyone to experience it as well.


But for us today, the transition seems not quite as dynamic. The vision perhaps has not shifted from the blinding light to the burning passion. Instead, our day of salvation may be years in the past, and our present vision may be filled with the things that will one day surely burn and fade away. Oh, we are definitely being led by a vision of some sorts. Don’t let yourself think that nothing has a hold of your heart. But what is it that our heart is consumed by? What has benefited from time and disappointment and experience and success to take the throne from the King? Don’t let it reign another day. Get back the vision that God has for His faithful followers, that He has for you.


As we seek Him today, recall the joy of your salvation. Let Him be the vision that is your passion.

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Rich Holt / Originally Published on : BCWorldview.org

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