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Help Those Who Have Been Lost to Find God Again


Our verse for today comes from John 6:66, ” After this many of His disciples turned back and no longer walked with Him. “


I have a brother who is almost five years my senior. When I was in high school, I remember him telling of a switch he made in college. Having gone to school to study chemistry, he ultimately got his degree in meteorology. Now, he was then, and is still now, one of the very smartest people I have ever known. From his high school days through the completion of his long and arduous journey to achieve his Ph.D., not more than once or twice did he receive a grade less than an A. But according to him, something had to give. And as he tells it, it all happened when he encountered Organic Chemistry. Apparently, this class was something more than just a second or third semester chemistry class. While it was that, it also served to weed out those not cut out for the world of chemistry. If one merely had an interest in chemistry, or just wanted to study one of the sciences, Organic Chemistry would buckle their knees and hit them between the eyes, forcing them to consider well the commitment that was before them. And as talented and brilliant as my brother was and is, it was at that point that he said he chose to go another way. It’s been 35 years since he changed his major and his life path, and I have no clue if he ever regretted making the switch. He has been ultra-successful with the teaching and research he has done, so my gut would tell me no.


I’ve known people, as have you, who have made some sort of a decision to follow Jesus and began to go to church. And then, after a while, something changes. And for those that I have known, it hurts my heart to see them return to much of the life they were living before. For I know that they have at least tasted of the joy that Jesus offers. They know that there is victory after knees have been buckled. And as much as we long for the lost to come to Christ, there is another ache for those who have experienced something of the Savior, yet turned away. Perhaps today your invite will be accepted, or your prayer answered. But whatever the case, do not fail to reach out to rescue one from an eternity of regret.


As we seek Him today, choose to not give up on someone that Christ has not given up on. See what you can do to bring one back to Jesus.

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