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His Glory Shining Through You


Our verse for today comes from Jeremiah 48:44, ” ‘He who flees from the fear shall fall into the pit, and he who gets out of the pit shall be caught in the snare. For upon Moab I will bring the year of their punishment,’ says the Lord. “


Our favorite television show to watch as a family is called Wipeout. It is a game show where twenty-four initial contestants try to make it through a series of obstacles in the shortest amount of time, each while being pounded on by padded arms and punching bags and all sorts of other obstructions. The twelve fastest then get to advance to the next round, where they are further blasted and barraged by dropping floors, moving walls, and multiple falls into mud or a pool of water. The six that can minimize their torture and climb out of the slime the quickest make it to the semi-finals to try and become one of the three finalists for the grand prize. Each round is fascinating to watch, as the players get pummeled from all angles by flying food, bent in every direction as they fall or tumble, and keep coming back for more.
It’s the entertaining, competitive version of fleeing from fear into the pit, and getting out of the pit to be caught in the snare. And for some of the contestants, especially those who don’t win the prize, it may feel like it lasts for a year.


But for some of us, it’s not a game, is it? We’re not entertaining a television audience while striving to win $50,000. The blows that hit us don’t just glance off our body or land us in some mud. The pits we are trying to climb out of are much deeper than a couple of feet. The surprises that catch us off guard aren’t intended to cause laughter. So what’s the point? Where’s the purpose or the meaning? Well, that’s much bigger than I can explain. But I do know that God’s people were the ones in bondage in Egypt. He had chosen them, yet they were oppressed and suffering. But they were still His. He hadn’t disowned them or chosen another. And He did come and rescue them. Yes, many died while still waiting. But their faith took them straight into His arms. And those that walked out of Egypt saw God’s greatest deliverance outside of the cross. From the pit. From the snare. So if you are wiped out, get back up again, for the Lord is watching and with you.


As we seek Him today, trust God that what you are going through is a channel for His glory to shine through you. Ask Him for the faith to see your situation as a blessing from the hands of the Creator.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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