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His Place vs. Our Place


Our verse for today comes from John 13:6, ” Then He came to Simon Peter. And Peter said to Him, ‘Lord, are You washing my feet?’ “


It surprises no one that Peter is the one disciple to speak up as Jesus goes around the table, washing the dirty feet of the men who should be lavishing their service, homage, and worship on Him. It was Peter, after all, who jumped out of a perfectly good boat to start walking on the water towards Jesus. It was Peter whose first reaction to the transfigured Christ and the appearance of Moses and Elijah was to build for them three tabernacles. It was Peter who dove from his boat to swim the few hundred feet to shore when he realized the risen Christ was calling out to them, looking for food. It was Peter who couldn’t resist asking Jesus about the destiny of John, directly after our Lord had specifically given Peter his commission to follow Jesus. And it was Peter who jumped at the guard to defend Jesus and cut off the soldier’s ear. Yes, we are all familiar with the impulsiveness of Peter. And we know well also the failings of Simon the Rock. He spoke for Satan himself as he tried to deny Jesus His path to the cross. He thought he was magnanimous in offering to forgive seven times when Jesus was teaching on the limitless forgiveness that we should offer others. Although he walked on the sea towards Christ, Jesus said he had little faith after he began to sink amidst the waves. And he would also go on to deny Jesus three times as he huddled in the courtyard outside Caiaphas’ house. And here, in the upper room, our beloved Peter could only express the embarrassment they all felt as their Master knelt and washed their dirty feet.


He didn’t quite get it yet, the humility and service, the complete lack of self-regard that following Jesus was going to entail. It was still about him and his feelings, being comfortable with the arrangement between himself and Christ. But that would soon change. After the resurrection, from Pentecost and beyond, Peter would become what Jesus knew all along he would. And we can, too, when we fully accept the way things should be.


As we seek Him today, serve Christ as the Lord that He is, putting Him in His proper place as you place yourself in yours.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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