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How Sanctimonious Can You Get?

In one of my responses to a former Pastor, now writing blasphemy on the Bible and Christianity in general, I received the following quick comment. They were clearly angered by my candor, which was Scripturally supported. 

O.M.G Jeff! How sanctimonious can you get!

My response follows:

Webster defines sanctimonious as “hypocritically pious or devout”. So, you are saying that I am being hypocritically pious in how I responded to Dan. My response is that the first words of my post were, “Chick did go too far”. I suspect your reason for the comment was not on Chick but Dan so… I have been following Dan for some time. He is arrogant, inflammatory and intentionally twists Christian doctrine deep into apostasy to make his false points. Further, his seminary education and past pastoral experience puts him in a position of a teacher of Christian theology, and under James 3:1. He holds himself out as such (“Backyard Church”) as he works in the deconstruction of the faith, and potentially the faithful. That is a hell-bound mission and one in which he knows better. So, pious or not, he needs to be called out, even if his readers remain supportive and I stand alone. Someone needs to. Anyway, to your “hypocritically pious”… yes, I agree with you. I am a sinner, so calling out sin is hypocritical (Matt. 7:5). Pious is defined as “earnestly compliant in the observance of religion, reverent or devout”. So, yes, I agree with that as well. Respectfully, Jeff (BCWorldview.org)

Folks, there is a tremendous amount of bad theology circulating around out there. It does not show up in the morning news. It typically does not appear in “Americana’s Funniest Videos” or your favorite sitcom. But, silently, clandestinely, well calculated, and calibrated, it does show up in places that impact our society. We are rotting from within. Satan has been working long and hard behind the scenes. Often by the time his efforts hit the news (lies, riots, socialism, hate, lack of freedoms, etc.), it has been deeply entrenched from the hidden, dark places (Eph. 5:11). 

Jeff Hilles | BCWorldveiw.org


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