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I Can’t Wait


Our verse for today comes from 2 Timothy 2:11, ” This is a faithful saying: For if we died with Him, we shall also live with Him. “


This past week I heard a couple of comments that struck me in their differences. The first one was said among a group of us where several people were commenting on how long they had trusted in Jesus. This particular person said that he wasn’t sure how long he could say he was a Christian, having been baptized three times over the many years of his life, but he now considered himself to be a believer for about the past eight years. The other comment was from a dying 90-plus year-old who was literally on the doorstep of heaven. When he was reminded that at any minute he would be entering the throne room of God, he simply said, ” I can’t wait. ” Now, the first man didn’t give the impression that he still wondered about his salvation. It was more like he had spent a good portion of his life uncertain, but eight years ago had found that peace and assurance that had eluded him for so long. However, the elderly man, who is now with his Savior, expressed such a confidence and eagerness that it clearly came from somewhere outside himself. The God that he was going to see was going to recognize him from sitting on the throne of his heart for so long. And that’s the confidence that we have in the work of our Savior.


I have been in the first man’s shoes. I have wondered whether I truly believed when I got baptized as a young child. But God finally showed me that I didn’t need to do something else to make sure that He saved me. If I were gasping my final breath, I wouldn’t need to worry whether my baptism counted or not. I could exhale in peace, knowing that God would do what He said He would do. Oh, I still need saving. That fact returns with each sunrise. But being convicted of my lostness isn’t a bad thing. It also doesn’t mean that I need to get baptized again. It’s more of a reminder that my heart needs to stay surrendered to the One who owns it through His purchase on the cross. And I can’t wait to thank Him for that.


As we seek Him today, let God’s saving power deliver you from more than just eternal damnation. Let it deliver you from your doubts and your striving to please the One who is completely satisfied in His Son.

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